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24 November 2020 @ 03:28 pm

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semi friends only
feel free to add me, but i won't add you back if you don't want to leave a comment in here, sorry
before adding me, please check my profile first
read and respect the rules, thank you~
24 November 2010 @ 10:35 pm
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24 November 2010 @ 06:48 pm

okay, i'm toooo lazy to count how many techin, nino, ryo-sama, etc.. XD

i'm so lazy to make another ~Part 2~ or ~Part 3~ or what.. ;P
01 July 2010 @ 12:00 am
hello people! XD it's been 2 months since i updated my journal ): miss you guys so much! 
i know it's too late for me to tell you guys about this but..


i will try to update if i have a time!  please don't remove me from your f-list ;______;  i must start to focus for my studies now D; and i will approve your friend requests until i finish my hiatus *_*

so, see you next year. take care ♥

P.S happy fasting for muslims :3

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01 January 2010 @ 12:08 am

Thank you for your kindness and your loves. I know I’ve been missing and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for your friendliness and sweetness. Thank you for everything friends. May 2010 be a wonderful year for all of us. I love you f-lists.


Love, Tia


dang I loved the 2pm-SNSD stage on Music Core Daejun! Wooyoung and Tiffany, i ship those two.
and my boys Arashi were really nervous at Kouhaku.
this year, I hope I can be much more happier than last year :D 2009 was a good year.

it was a really sad day yesterday in here. Indonesia had once again lost their best man, KH Abdurrahman Wahid.
Rest In Peace sir. Thank you for all of your hard works.

so then, have a nice day!
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25 December 2009 @ 03:36 pm



I’m still on my hiatus. GOSH you know how much I miss you guys and my journal ;_; I hope everyone’s happy.

 Holidays. I know I must be happy about it. I need to finish my school’s work, I have to make a report about Jewish.  So many exams coming out next year. Well, I’ll just study hard and accomplish my dream yay!




♬ Hot 6
음악이 시작되는 순간, .. 헤어 나올 없다!
언제나 기대 이상! 역시나 판타스틱한 SHINee 월드로 여러분을 초대합니다~
- SHINee
Get Down + Ring Ding Dong

♬ All about 2009
1 소녀시대의 'Gee'부터, 12 2PM ‘Heatbeat'까지!!
지영! 그리고 SHINee 온유, 민호가 함께 하는 ‘2009 가요계 총정리!

I SEE GET DOWN! Oh can’t wait can’t wait.


So then, have a nice day! Merry christmas ♥ see you guys next year :D

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...so last week Inkigayo isn't the real end of Super Junior's 3rd album activities?


Music Bank this week will be 1st half of the year special, so Super Junior may perform Sorry, Sorry only... and not as Goodbye Stage...


"Special Guest on 20th Golden Melody Awards

Super Junior is the only foreign singer invited as the special guest on Taiwan's biggest music awards: Golden Melody Awards.

To be held at Taiwan Arena, Taipei, June 27th, Golden Melody Awards recognize as Chinese' most prestigious music awards. Popular stars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are invited to perform on this award.

Super Junior will attend this year 20th Golden Melody Awards and this can be viewed via The Eastern Satellite TV* (东风卫视) Taiwan and also will be broadcast live on China, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and the rest of Asia."

# Kibum will not be able to make it to the awards because of acting schedules
# They will be performing "It's You" for the first time overseas and "Sorry Sorry"
# It's Heechul's first time in Taiwan also because of acting schedules the previous times (twice)
  1. Malaysia, 20th Golden Melody Award will show live in ASTRO AEC channel 301 at 7 pm (Brunei, also)
  2. Singapore, it'll be airing on Starhub Cable Channel 56 at 6.30pm on Saturday 27th June
translated : 이데위 @ sj-world

will edit later :D

okay i'm going to sleep, now.

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19 June 2009 @ 01:43 pm
before SHINee came back, my entries were FULL with Donghae, SRSLY! BUT NOW? OH MY GOSH! WHY JJONG WAAAAIIIII!!! MAYBE after the Neorago goodbye stage next week, my entries will be full of Jonghyun. is that okay? DDD;
i want to make a picspam, but you know that my internet connection is SLOW, so maybe next week? :( 

i always love Randy's videos' titles because randy's titles are so dramatic


not only kpop or jpop yoo ~ you can spam me with ANYTHING!
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